Faith Works is a two year spiritual development program offered by Hillsong Bible College in Sydney, Australia and taught by Senior Pastor Bobbi Veach.

Faith Works

This Bible-based teaching curriculum is designed to build the faith of believers at whatever stage they are at on their Christian journey, and help give them the confidence they need to achieve success in their lives through the application of God’s Word. The lessons teach a unique study of the believer’s rights in Christ Jesus, bringing you the Word of God in an easy to understand and live-by study program.

As you take on this exciting Bible course, you will be challenged to put the truths you learn into action in your everyday life.  A positive faith-filled life starts with a dynamic relationship with God built on strong foundations of the Word, prayer and servant hood.  Why not take the challenge today – find out how you can help build the kingdom of God more effectively in your own life and through the life of your church.

Course Objectives
  • Empower students to transform their mindsets, attitudes and character through the Word of God.
  • Cultivate the nature of God in students as they develop Christ-like leadership through Spirit-led living.
  • Empower and equip students to discover their God given purpose and fulfill their potential.
  • Stir up a passion for the local church and release students to serve in the House of God operating in their ministry gifts.
Course Outcomes
  • An expanded and deeper knowledge and understanding of the Word of God.
  • Increased ability to apply Biblical principles in affecting personal transformation.
  • Increased levels of faith and ability to overcome challenges of life.
  • Discovery of personal ministry gifts and active participation in the life of the church.
  • A deeper, more intimate and dynamic relationship with God.
Course Structure
  • The Faith Works program runs for two years. Faith WorksYear 1 and year 2 must each be completed within 12 months of the commencement date.
  • Each year consists of three terms that run for 10 weeks each.
  • The terms run for one night per week for ten weeks, consisting of 2 hours of teaching each night.
  • Your tuition will cover the cost of all books needed for the year.

 Getting started is easy!

  1. Download the registration form.
  2. Complete the form and send it along with the registration fee to our office at:
    Connections Church
    PO Box 27
    Southbury, CT  06488

    Call 203-405-3212 for more information